Patient Information & Application Process

Patient Information

Islet Transplantation is a relatively new treatment for selected people with Type 1 diabetes. As such it may not be easy to find accurate and current information about the procedure from traditional sources. The pages listed on the left are here to provide some general information which may be helpful as you consider islet transplantation.

Please note that each patient's situation is unique and that your suitability, or otherwise, for islet transplantation can only be determined by a detailed individual assessment by our team.

For more details, you may wish to download an information package

Application Process

How do I apply for an islet transplant?

If you would like to be considered for an islet transplant, you should complete and return the application package.

Once we receive your completed application one of the transplant team will contact you to ask some further questions about you and your diabetes. They will also answer any questions you may have.

If an islet transplant seems to be the right option for you we will ask you to come to Edmonton for an appointment in our assessment clinic.

An islet transplant may not be the right option for you, right now. If you wish we will keep your name on file so that at some time in the future we may offer you the opportunity to participate. We will do our best to complete your assessment in a timely fashion.

The number of islet transplants available every year is extremely limited, as transplants are based on organ availability. For this reason, and for the safety of patients, we are required to be very selective in determining who should undergo an islet transplant.

For more information contact the Clinical Islet Transplant Program in Edmonton:

Clinical Islet Transplant Program

2000 College Plaza

8215-112th Street Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2C8




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