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Who needs an islet transplant?

Although we aim to achieve insulin independence, and can usually achieve this goal, it is not always possible to maintain insulin independence. Indeed most of our earlier recipients have needed to go back on insulin, but usually at much lower doses than before transplant.

What can be maintained in the long term is freedom from hypoglycemia, stable blood glucose levels and excellent glycemic control.

Thus, the people who will benefit most from islet transplantation are people who have Type 1 diabetes complicated by:

    • frequent, or severe episodes of hypoglycemia

    • hypoglycemic episodes with minimal or no warning symptoms

    • extreme variability in their blood glucose levels

Patients who have previously received a kidney transplant may be eligible to take part in a research study of islet transplant

How bad does my diabetes need to be?

By completing an application and sending us 4-weeks of blood glucose records we can calculate a score to judge the severity of your hypoglycemia and glucose fluctuations.

If your diabetes is not bad enough to need a transplant, we will tell you. If it looks as if your diabetes is causing significant problems, we can take some next steps to explore whether islet transplant is right for you.

Does applying mean I'm committed to have a transplant?

Ultimately, the decision to proceed to have an islet transplant can only be made once you are happy that the balance of risks and benefits are worthwhile for you.

At this point, things are at a very preliminary stage and no commitment is required.

Next steps...

If you want to find out more, or want to know if an islet transplant might be right for you, please complete the Clinical Islet Transplant Application which can be downloaded from here. If you can send us a copy of a test of your blood type this can help us prioritize your assessment. A test for your blood type can be arranged by your doctor. Call us (780-407-1501) if you have any difficulties with arranging this.

You can learn more about islet transplantation by reading our education package that can be found under Patient Information on this web site.

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US and international inquiries regarding islet transplant programs outside of Canada should be directed to:

The Insulin-Free World Foundation

Clinical Islet Transplantation Consortium

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